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Hay Show & Auction for the youth

Monday, September 23, 2013 - 5:49pm

There's one show that remains a tradition at the East Texas State Fair, it's the 29th Annual Smith County Hay Show and Auction and it took place on Monday.

Smith County hay producers have submitted their hay for a good cause.

The Hay Show is a big deal in Smith County.

The hay has been judged and now it's time to see how much it's worth and it's all for the youth.

132 samples of hay were submitted by smith county hay producers and they were turned in to Smith County Agrilife.

"Pull samples from that to send to the lab, the Lab at Texas A&M University runs the analysis," says Chad Gulley, Smith County Extension Agent.

Producers were able find out the quality of their hay and in result a hay score was calculated, and the top 25 were placed in the hay show.

The show began with prayer and barbeque was served for lunch, awards were given out honoring top hay producers and the bidding began.

Bidding took place for thirty minutes, Smith County business owners and organizations were bidding for hay and more than $20,000 dollars was raised.

The highest bid, "$3,250 which all goes to scholarships," says Gulley.

Chairman, Lonny Uzzell of the Hay Show says, this auction has made big difference .

"To keep the interest in agriculture and youth through out East Texas and this is the way some of that is funded," says Uzzell.

The East Texas Cattle-ettes, Junior Livestock Show and USDA Soil and Water Conservation are huge supporters of the event.

"By giving a 1,200 dollar a year scholarship to as many youth as we can afford each year," says Evelyn Williams, President of Cattle-ettes.

"The proceeds go to those organizations," says John Sykes, President to the East Texas State Fair.

One East Texan KETK spoke to bought a bale for 700 dollars.

"It's raises scholarship money and it raises money for the kids," says Michael Smith, Supporter for the youth.

Matt Schaefer, State Representative says, East Texas is blessed for having so many supporters.

"Being involved in AG is so important to our country and our roots to East Texas so it's just encouraging," says Schaefer.


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