Healthful tips to avoid cancer


POSTED: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 5:27pm

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Texas Oncology in Tyler has some healthful ways to avoid cancer.

An oncologist tells East Texans about tips they should keep in mind.

"We have to focus on not just to cure cancer but also try to prevent some of the devastating diagnosis," said Svetislava vukelja, M.D.,

"Anything you can do to avoid it such as eating healthier and not drinking,' said Trudy Case, cancer runs in her family.

That's the key: Dr. V of Texas Oncology wants East Texans to keep five tips in mind to avoid cancer.

1.) Nutrition
2.) Exercise
3.) Tobacco/Alcohol
4:) Screening Test
5.) Weight

A diet high in fruits and vegetables, but a low -fat diet is recommended. Plus, don't avoid carbohydrates, you need carbs for energy and brain function.

"Some people go on diets and loose a lot of weight and they gain it all back" said Dr. V. It's also important to increase your intake of fluids.

"People are chronically dehydrated, we live in Texas it's very hot, people work outside, and so people don't drink enough fluids so they're sluglish."

Dr. V says try to quit smoking and decrease your alcohol intake.

"Certain things like red wine 2 or 3 times a week is probably good but if you have a lot of heart disease and for certain things it may not be good," said Dr.V.

It doesn't hurt to get a screening test especially if cancer runs in the family.

"We have a chart with body mass index, you can look how talk you are and you need to be between 22-25 body mass index," said Dr. V and that's where weight comes in.

Exercise and gooding eating habits can keep your weight in line. "Eating smaller meals, multiple times per day, not early eating before going to bed."

Dr. V says anyone can master this for better health all in moderation.

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