Heart attack symptoms ignored, know your risks


POSTED: Friday, June 28, 2013 - 5:35pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 28, 2013 - 7:32pm

A massive heart attack caused the recent death of an American actor, 51-year-old James Gandolfini. You probably know him from the TV series "The Sopranos".

Reports say, it was possible Gandolfini may have ignored symptoms.

KETK spoke to Cardiologist, Scott Lieberman, of Cardiovascular Associates of East Texas.

Lieberman said people need to take heart attack signs such a chest pain, fatigue and difficulty breathing seriously.

"If you're having chest pain or short of breath, increased fatigue or tiredness, these may be signs that you may brush aside," says Dr. Lieberman.

It's reported, Gandolfini was a "heart attack waiting to happen."

We're told, more than 60 percent of people fail to recognize they are having a heart attack.

He says, diet, lifestyle and increased smoking are contributing to heart attacks at a young age.

In Gandolfini's case, his diet and weight was most likely the contributing factor.

KETK  spoke to East Texans about heart attacks and Louie Adams tells us he comes from a family with heart problems.

"I've been on the track, I've been running, working hard, and then went in to check with a doctor and two week later had a quadruple bypass surgery without even realizing that I had anything wrong with me," says Adams.

Adams says, through his experience he advises people to be proactive about living a healthy lifestyle and to pay attention to heart attack signs to prevent a serious problem.

"If people wait more than four hours with on going symptoms, the likely hood of having a reduction or reversal of the damage starts to diminish," says Dr. Lieberman.

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