Help get Kasi Geraci to the 2015 Extreme Huntress competition

Kasi Geraci

POSTED: Friday, May 23, 2014 - 4:42pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 23, 2014 - 4:54pm

A 22-year-old woman from Winnsboro needs your help getting to a top hunting competition. The first time Kasi Geraci picked up a BB gun when she was three-years-old,  she was hooked on hunting. Now, she was selected as a semi-finalist out of hundreds of woman across the world, to hopefully compete in the 2015 Extreme Huntress competition.

"I think I'm good enough and I think I have the skills to say here I am, I do believe I am what you call extreme huntress," said Geraci.

Hunting was never just a sport for Geraci. It's her passion.

My Dad instilled this passion in me, being outdoors was more to it than hunting. It's the pursuit, it's actually being out there and striving for what you want and learning about yourself from being outdoors."

After she gained that passion in life, she's taken off with it.

"For a woman to hunt, it's more of something you strive for."

Throughout college and on the weekends, she's gone turkey hunting, duck hunting, she'll drive six hours to go hunting just for one day.

"It's so worth it," said Geraci.  

Geraci had to write a 500 word essay on why she could be the next extreme huntress. She wrote about one experience when she was a freshman in college. She was hunting by herself and had the opportunity to kill one of the biggest animals she's ever seen. But before, Geraci and her dad discussed about managing their ranch and what they should and should not kill. She decided to let it pass and realized in that moment how much hunting meant to her.

"Right then and there, it was a big turning point for me that I knew this wasn't something I just did in high school or college, this was something huge in my life, it was a passion something I strive for every day."

She was selected and now is fighting for a spot in the top six. Competition finalists will be chosen from 40% online votes and 60% of the judges. So, she needs you to get online and vote for her by the end of the month! If she's chosen she will head to Hondo, TX for the competition. Only two Texas women were chosen and she is one of the youngest competitors. She said, if she wins, it will be an honor to hold the name of extreme huntress.

"These women I am going against are awesome. They've been to Africa, they've been to New Zealand and those are things I haven't done, so do I feel like an underdog yes, but do I feel like I have a chance to win of course."

She said this is an opportunity for her to become a role model for woman hunters and children.

"I believe I am feminine, but I also believe I can get out there and hunt with men. I've done it my entire life and get little girls out there to hunt or little boys out there and say there's more to it, this can make you grow. You can figure yourself out, keeping your head in an iPad all day doesn't help you figure out who you are," said Geraci.

To vote for Geraci go to: ExtremeHuntress or vote

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