Help your pet stay warm during the colder months

Sunday, November 3, 2013 - 11:46pm

This is Cookie. And just like the gooey, baked good, he is sweet and warm. And it is important he stays that way, especially during the winter months. Our four legged felines, and other furry friends, need to keep warm just as much as we do.

"People sometimes forget that because dogs and cats have a fur coat that they can withstand the frigid temperatures when it really starts to get cold," said Executive Director of Pets Fur People, Gayle Helms.

But, they cannot. And they need special attention during the winter.

"They need to be in a place that's not only physically warm, but emotionally warm for them," said Kaiya Morris, volunteer.

A few tips to make sure your furry family member stays safe: keep them indoors as much as possible, feed outdoor animals twice a day, and consider getting them a little sweater or even a head lamp for outside.

The consequences to your pet getting too cold are serious.

"Their temperature can drop and it can be deadly for them," Helms said.

There are plenty of animals who need your help and protection, and now is the perfect time to adopt.

"These pets are always looking for a forever home," Helms said.

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