Henderson homeowners want action concerning dilapidated neighborhood road

Friday, May 30, 2014 - 7:42pm

One road in a Henderson neighborhood has been deteriorating for years and residents say the road has become dangerous and unstable, and they want answers.

"Well it's just a mess, when I know what we went through to build this, our dream home, and a pretty lot in the yard and everything and then folks can't even come in our front driveway," said Beverly Baughman.

Baughman and her husband built their house on Kenswick Street in the Terra Nova neighborhood in Henderson two and half years ago.

But most of their time has been spent dealing with the heavy road damage right in front of their property.

"Little over a year ago I started calling the city council people and street department and all to try to find out what can be done," said Baughman.

The work was done by a development company owned by a man named Bob Kelly, whom the city is filing a lawsuit against.

"The city can't accept that infrastructure, and we can't leave a street half built," said Henderson city manager Tim Kelty.

Kelty says the city does not own the road, so they cannot perform the needed repairs.

"The city can't step in and fix that street because of the fact that it's not ours."

Kelly has taken a different stance.

"He says that he did what he was supposed to do, road was approved, building permit was issued and it's not his responsibility, so the they're pointing fingers at each other," said Baughman.

A long drawn out court case is now pending between the two sides, while the Baughman's are left waiting.

"I keep thinking somebody's gonna step up and do the right thing," said Baughman.

KETKspoke with Bob Kelly's lawyer, who said he would contact the family to see if they would provide a statement.

He has yet to get back in touch with us.

KETK also spoke with others who live in the Terra Nova neighborhood who are also concerned about a road drainage issue they say needs to be addressed.

As for the Baughman's, people still can't pull up to their front entrance.

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