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Henderson reading program

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 6:41pm

From jugglers to story-tellers the Rusk County Library has set up different programs each week for their summer reading program.

Today over two hundred and fifty kids from all ages joined in on the fun at the Rusk County Junior Expo in Henderson.

Rusk County Library Director Pamela Pipkin says it's important for kids to keep up their reading during the summer.

"The idea is in the summer we encourage reading with awards and programs that they will keep up and not lose some of the skills they got during the school year," Pipkin said.

She said getting your kids to the library during the summer is a win-win for everyone.

It provides a place for parents to take their kids during summer, keeps up their reading and education, and helps the teachers when the children return to school in the fall.

"We want to support the schools and what they do as well as encourage the children to be lifetime readers," Pipkin said.

The kids seem to love the program.

We asked one little girl why she comes to the summer reading program.

"To have fun and get out of the house," said Isabella McMillan. "And not be a lazy bum."

Parents say the events are educational and keep their kids ahead of the curve when it comes to reading.

"They're both above average which is awesome," said Henderson resident Sarah Warr. "And it wouldn't be that way if we weren't in the library all the time."

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