Hensarling v Bachmann


POSTED: Monday, November 8, 2010 - 5:37pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 8:59am

In the wake of a Republican tidal wave last week, GOP House members are vying for leadership positions in the next Congress.

That will pit one local representative against a higher profile, but controversial rival.

Representative Jeb Hensarling has handled a tough exchange with the President on national TV and been a staunch defender of conservative ideas in the House.

But his run for the number 4 post in the Republican hierarchy pits him against a media favorite.

The good news about Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is that she gets a lot of press.
The bad news, sometimes, is that she gets a lot of press.

And she is the chief rival of District 5 Congressman Jeb Hensarling for the job of Chairman of the Republican conference.

It’s a position once held by the likes of Dick Cheney, Jack Kemp and John Boehner when they were Congressmen, and Hensarling already has some powerful backers. Congressman Paul Ryan, considered the party’s leading policy wonk, has written a letter to the membership on Hensarling’s behalf.

Many are worried about Bachmann’s tendency to make somewhat wild claims on television, like the current one that the President’s trip to India costs $200-million a day.

And more importantly in the world of congressional infighting, soon-to-be Majority Leader Eric Cantor is a fan as is the departing Chairman Mike Pence, who called him one of the most principled conservatives in Congress.

And just today, Jeb Hensarling was named to the GOP transition team. Michele Bachmann was not.

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Big surprise: you're unemployed and you support bachmann. The tea party movement preys on uneducated, unemployed people who are willing to vote for "values" over their own well-being. This is one early sign of Republicans happily taking the majority won for them by the Tea Party, then distancing themselves from the movement and the members it elected. Enjoy the majority for the next two years, we'll happily take it back in 2012.

Bachmann, is a tenacious woman; I gave her a token contribution to her campaign; I'm not employed so it was a stretch to even do that and I finally had to ask to be taken off her info list.

Bachmann is not going to be purty in the final crash if there is one. She's conservative and not a crazy, I think. If you're a lefty she is tenacious.

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