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High gas prices affect local businesses

High gas prices affect local businesses

POSTED: Monday, February 24, 2014 - 6:27pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 8:08am

Gas prices spiked 12 cents in just two weeks. The prices affect most drivers, but it's also hurting some East Texas businesses. The average price of gas in all 50 states is above $3. Right now in Texas, the average price is $3.15 and this spike has a huge impact on businesses that drive large trucks.

Design Center Signs installs signage for businesses all across East Texas.They have 8 large trucks that run on diesel fuel, 2 pickups and a van.

"On average were doing 6 to 8 miles to the gallon on these trucks and that's the best case scenario. They're large and like to drink a lot of diesel," said install supervisor Mike Wade.

When gas prices rise, their business is affected.

"When you have to pull up to that pump and you have to put $150 to 200 in that tank when you pull up there it keeps you mindful of what you're doing."

Wade said they shift around other parts in their business so they don't have to put the extra fuel cost on their customers.

"You try to offset those by trying to make improvements in other areas."

But, he said the jump in prices isn't a surprise and they're prepared for it to continue to climb.

"Prices will probably never get back down to where we want them so you just try to adjust and stay on top of things."

But, other big truck users like the City of Tyler Waste department saves money by running on compressed natural gas.

"It's done a good job of keeping the price down we've actually had some savings," said director of solid waste Russ Jackson.

It's up to $2 cheaper for the equivalent gallon.

So, Jackson said, the upside to CNG fuel along with it being friendly to the environment, spikes in gas prices does not affect them at all.

"We're still about 10 cents cheaper per gallon this time than we were last year."

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CNG - if city gov't is doing it why isn't private business? Oh, the initial cost is too high & it will eat into our profits today. Let's leave worrying about higher fuel costs for another day. Well, years later they're still in the same boat- only passing the extra fuel costs along to the customer which this article doesn't mention.
Responsible gov't like in Tyler invests in the future & not waiting for it to come around & bite you in the arse.

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