High school distributes condoms at prom


POSTED: Friday, May 25, 2012 - 3:31pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 28, 2012 - 9:30am

BROOKLYN, NY — A Brooklyn high school plans to distribute condoms at prom as part of its larger safer-sex education program, but critics argue against the idea, saying the move promotes teen sex.

School officials at Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory High School will hand out the condoms as students leave the party on June 7.

The city's Department of Education says schools have long been permitted to distribute condoms to students, though usually they're provided in the nurse's office.

The decision to hand them out after prom, some say, encourages the activity.

"You expect them to stay focused on school," said Sean Peters, . "By giving them condoms it's like you're kind of telling them to have it but use protection."

Another person said "it's better safe than sorry."

"I'm not saying it's going to happen on that night, but why not, because that's what's on people's minds," said Gia Gilliard.

The condoms will be provided by NuVo, a Long Island-based manufacturer that offers free condoms to high school proms across New York.

NuVo said it's not condoning sex for teens, but "would like to make sure that all students are safe and protected" by offering the free condoms.

A company spokesperson told NBC News that Bedford-Stuyvesant Prep is the only high school to take them up on its offer, so far.

The school has notified parents about the program.

The school also said that there will be a safer-sex assembly program for students in the weeks leading up to prom.

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Just say NO to sex does not work and Texas is a prim example. Texas with its absenance only policy in Texas schools has the HIGHEST TEEN PREGNANCY RATE IN THE U.S..


but making it mandatory for a woman to be on the pill is like me saying just because I chose to practice safe sex, then it should be legal to have sex before you marry. that is just one sided. People are going to make choices in their life that effect the rest of their life but thats just how it goes. I look at it like this "There's is only one way to get poop on the floor, and that's to literally poop on the floor." Just like you cant get knocked up unless youre having sex....

I think it's like saying, "You can't control yourselves, so go have safe sex and have fun!" Next, maybe we should open an low cost spay and neuter clinic for our youth. I know having children makes for a difficult road ahead for all concerned, but handing out condoms at a school party is like providing a room for alcohol and drug use for all who want to party safe. Not exactly discouraging the act! Sad times we live in.

With today's times, it is a good idea. Today's parent's are nieve in thinking... Oh no not my child. In actuality that would cut down on teens/young adults giving birth. I think it should be mandatory that girl's should be on birth control as well. Kids of today are not what they were years ago and are very much more aggressive.

Having sex is a choice and in no way should girls be forced to be on the pill. I'm a 25 year old male that has decide to wait till marriage. that was a choice I made years ago. if they decide to have sex then its up to them to decide to protect theirselfs. I in no way think less of those who have sex before marriage, thats a personal choice.

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