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High-tech hog hunting

Tactical Hog Control
Monday, April 29, 2013 - 6:27pm

The feral hog population is a big problem across Texas. It's a large cost to farmers, ranchers and land owners.

Instead of using hogs traps and many people are using a high-tech way. The high-tech equipment used to target fugitives is used to trap feral hogs.

Wildlife experts say, feral population is a huge problem, there are more than 2-million across Texas and we are seeing more and more in East Texas.

"Feral hogs should be in better control than what we have right now," says Joel Lowry, Best Pest Control.

KETK spoke to co-owner of 'Tactical Hog Control' about  two forms of technology used to exterminate.

"These technologies work on infrared spectrum, night vision of course works on the visible infrared and Thermal Imaging works on the invisible infrared," says Jed Dreher, Co owner of Tactical Hog Control.

He says, the night vision goggles and thermal imaging are very effective since feral hogs are mainly nocturnal, and it allows you to navigate through darkness and with the thermal imaging you can detect heat. A weapon is also used.

"A semiautomatic rifle, the same one that's been getting bad rap as a gun that's not not designed for anything but for harming people,"  says Jed Dreher.

He says it's a valuable tool in their operation. Hogs reproduced three times a year, on average having 6-12 hogs per litter.

'Tactical Hog Control' is being used throughout Texas, it's describe as a safari by taking farmers, ranchers and land owners on a quest to exterminate them.

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