Holiday crime and how to avoid it

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 6:50pm

The holiday season brings many things... good food, shopping, presents, and crime.

"Increased activity brings increased opportunities," said James McCraw.

Because of the holiday rush, East Texans are out and about, traveling and shopping, and leaving their homes and cars more intriguing to robbers and burglars.

"The motto we should probably all adopt is out of sight out of mind when it comes to leaving things in our vehicles.. any little thing can be a temptation," said McCraw.

Authorities say to not leave packages or shopping bags in your car, always park near the front, have your keys in your hands, just in case someone was to approach you, keep the minimum amount of money and cards with you while out, and remember theres always safety in numbers.

Police say if you're walking to your car and feel unsafe just turn on the panic button.

For those that might be tempted to grab something out of someone's car...

Here's what the Smith County Sheriff's office has to say..

"It is likely that even if you get away with taking something out of a vehicle, burglarizing someone's car while they're inside shopping it is likely we're gonna get you on security camera and we're gonna turn around and give it to the news media and someones going to identify you and we're going to find you," said John Moore.

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