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Friday, March 6, 2015 - 3:15pm

Holiday drunk driving crackdown: How did it turn out?

Sunday, January 2, 2011 - 11:10pm

SMITH COUNTY - It's called the "No Refusal" campaign.

When someone is arrested for allegedly driving drunk, officers will ask the driver to provide breath and blood samples to use as evidence.

According to Sgt. Blake Lockhart with Tyler Police, the driver usually has the right to say "no."

But with "No Refusal," officers can obtain an immediate search warrant to get the sample.

"When a suspect refuses to provide a specimen, it's keeping evidence from the jury and what this does - it allows us to obtain that evidence so we can present it to the jury, " Lockhart said.

As of mid-day on Sunday, Smith County had booked 12 people for DWI throughout the holiday weekend.

"If you look at our numbers this year, compared to the last 2 years, they are slightly down.  So hopefully it's making an impact and letting people know that we're not gonna tolerate it," Lockhart said.

East Texans like Adam Schantz say that with drunk drivers taking innocent people's lives, the "No Refusal" campaign should last year-round.

"People don't seem to understand, well, ya know, 'I'm just a little buzzed or whatever, I'll just get behind the wheel and drive,' I mean, drunk driving is drunk driving whether you have 1 beer or 12 beers," Schantz said.

Sgt. Lockhart says the campaign will end tonight at midnight.

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