Holiday weekend traffic boosts Henderson County revenue

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 10:57pm

When portions of Tyler and Smith County "Went Wet" Henderson County experienced a bit of an economic downturn., and that's why holidays like the 4th of July, are crucial to bring that revenue back up.

Well it's a big holiday weekend and henderson county is relying on traffic to help their local economy. We sat down with the Coffee City Mayor, he says when there's lake traffic there's business.

High lake levels and holiday traffic means big business for Henderson County. Especially in coffee city and dogwood city.

"When people come down to buy their hard liquor they also buy beer and wine, we do have beer and wine sales but not like we used to have." said Ray Wakeman, Coffee City Mayor.

Coffee City Mayor Ray Wakeman says the city's primary source of revenue comes from liquor sales. "And when Tyler started selling beer and wine that cut our revenue just about in half, we collect about half of what we used to collect because beer and wine was about half of the liquor sales, any three day weekend it's real busy with our liquor stores here."

Many people heading to Lake Palestine this 4th of July, will make a stop once they cross that county line. "Liquor stores also get real real excited."

We stopped by the only two liquor stores, but they refused to go on camera. However, convenience store clerks tell us the traffic this week has been heavy.

We are the first one once you pass the bridge, we are the first one once you get to before you get to the beer and liquor side," said Jennifer Jeffus, Race Runner Employee in Dogwood City.

It's not often, independence day falls on a three day weekend. "I've been on this lake for a bout 20 years and I've worked at several different places, once thing I know is when the lake is in good shape the weekends are real good, we've had a lot of rain, the lake is perfect and 4th of July being on the weekend, it's going to be a positive deal," said Mike Garrett, Race Runner Employee in Dogwood City.






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