Homeowner holds burglar at gunpoint; Additional suspects arrested in Tyler


POSTED: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 2:40pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 31, 2013 - 3:31pm

Several burglars were caught in the act of stealing from a house on Wednesday afternoon.

It happened on Smith County Road 4142 near Lindale, just after 1:00 p.m.

“According to preliminary reports, the homeowner arrived at his residence and discovered five men in his home who were in the process of burglarizing it,” said John Moore, public information officer for the Smith County Sheriff's Office.

At first, the homeowner says he didn't know they were burglars, but knew something was suspicious.

"They said they were with an energy company and wanted to know if I needed electricity," the man told KETK crews on scene.

The homeowner said he then heard something in the back of the house, and realized what was happening.

He told KETK that he immediately grabbed his shotgun, and several of the burglars got into an SUV and left.

“The burglars were in different vehicles," Moore said. "Four of them left the scene in a Chevrolet Tahoe, but one of them was in a different vehicle and was detained at gunpoint by the homeowner."

"My shotgun wasn't loaded, but he didn't know that," the homeowner said.

He called law enforcement and waited for them to arrive. According to the homeowner, the burglar did not try to escape. He sat down and waited for Smith County Sheriff deputies to take him into custody.

Moore said that Tyroderick Loftis, a Criminal Investigation Division detective with the sheriffs department, was following the burglary on his radio when he spotted a Chevrolet Tahoe matching the description of the one involved in the incident.

“Detective Loftis called for backup after he followed the vehicle into the Woody Weaver Pharmacy parking lot on Gentry Parkway. The Tyler Police Department and others responded. Two of the four in the Tahoe were arrested on site."

The two others led officers on a brief foot chase through a wooded area, and were eventually caught by Tyler Police officials near Charlotte St. in Tyler.

Moore said the identities and ages of those involved in the burglary would be released later. No other information on the investigation is being released at this time.


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Way to go! But hey, next time make sure that shotgun is loaded. Like I've taught my wife and kids, an unloaded gun...is a club.

You are right an unloaded gun is no more than a club. My thought is a gun kept for protection should always be loaded and treated as such. I would only shoot to protect my life or the life of a family member. I would never shoot to protect property even though it is my right.

Good job! And let the burglars know that with the Castle Doctrine the home owner could have SHOT THEM DEAD without any worry about being sued or jailed.

Next time they may not be so lucky for THIS IS SPARTA.. I mean TEXAS!

Who knows Paul, that is the way the Castle doctrine is supposed to work, but we are a nation of laws without rules. Who can say for sure that had he shot the burglar that Obama wouldn't have had the DOJ investigate and determine the homeowner to be watching a Paula Dean cooking show and was guilty of using the "N" word 50 years ago while the burglar was actually taking a short-cut through the homeowners bedroom on his way to buy candy at the store. This has hate crime written all over it.

There are certainly no absolute guarantees for the outcome of any situation any more. I thought Texas was supposed to be strong for our second amendment rights but we seem to be caving in to anti gun demands. In any situation I would shoot only to defend my life or a family member's life.

LMAO! Finally, someone GETS it!

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