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Honey collecting season almost over

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 9:31am

Honey collecting season is almost over.

And one bee keeper tells us it was not one of the best years.

For most bee keepers in East Texas, honey collecting season started in February and will end in early September.

But, bee keeper Dick Counts says that the season will be ending a little earlier this year.

Counts says it will be ending early because, despite of the recent rain, they have not had enough moisture content for the plants in East Texas to bloom, so the collecting is beginning to slow down.

Right now, the bees are pollinating what they can, gathering nectar and trying to maintain the status quo of the hive.

Counts says East Texas bees usually can make 40 to 50 pounds of honey during a normal season.

But, Counts says this year, it's been a struggle.

"Not as good as we thought it would be. In early March, because it got cold then it got warm bees didn't know whether to build up or do what. I've had a fairly descent year honey wise but most of us didn't," said Counts.

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