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Hope for future farmers and ranchers

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 4:31pm

The recent drought, the country's current recession, and cattle and hay prices hitting some of their highest heights, ranchers and farmers have a right to worried about who will take over when their cultivating days are done.

But with all that, here in East Texas, high schoolers are still filling up ag classrooms to learn how to work the land.

"That passion that they have for agriculture you know that we're instilling in our kids that's what keeps those people going," said Jacksonville ag teacher Rachel Robinson.

And when it pays off, it truly pays off.

"It's one of the few industries that you can start out and you can plant ten or fifteen or twenty tomatoes this year and take that money and invest it and plant more next year it's a business that you can grow into," said John Tyler ag teacher Harry Sump."

And they all agree, that if you eat, you are part of agriculture.

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