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Horse rescue in East Texas going above and beyond


POSTED: Friday, July 25, 2014 - 5:10pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 26, 2014 - 7:13am

The Pegasus Project is a non-profit organization in East Texas that takes in the horses who are barely surviving and rehabilitates them.

The horses at The Pegasus Project come from the most extreme abuse and neglect cases and are taken in and given a better life. The team at The Pegasus Project ranch knows it takes more than a little hay to get these horses in a better place.

The handlers, owners, trainers, and volunteers work for months with the horses getting them back into a state of mind where they can trust humans again. Head Handler Don Knapp says "you have to let the horse know you love him and learn his language". Handler Dale Kahl says, "horses aren't just things. They're animals with feelings". The people at The Pegasus Project truly believe there has to be an emotional connection and bond with the heart between the horse and trainer. Eventually, they get to a better place. Trainer Kahl says "the horses get such good training it allows all their baggage and negativity to disappear and let the positive aspects of the horse to come out".

Director Mike DeCario says his team makes a lifetime commitment to their horses. It's a long screening process to adopt one of their horses. If someone eventually adopts and then finds they can no longer care for the horse, its brought back to Pegasus Project ranch so DeCario's team can find the horse a capable and loving family.

The Pegasus Project is seeing a signifcant amount of success through their facebook with 90 percent of there adoptions coming from people who have fallen in love with their horses over social media. More information about the horses and the work The Pegasus Project team is doing can be found on The Pegasus Project Inc. Facebook page and The Pegasus Project website.

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