Houston-area schools criticized for prayer at graduation

Houston-area schools criticized for prayer at graduation

POSTED: Friday, July 1, 2011 - 3:08am

UPDATED: Saturday, July 2, 2011 - 9:59am

Two Spring schools criticized for including prayer in their graduation ceremonies

The Houston Chronicle is reporting; Two public high schools in Spring are being criticized for including prayer in their graduation ceremonies earlier this month.

Klein Independent School District is currently reviewing its graduation policies, after Americans United for the Separation of Church and State issued a letter Wednesday calling on Klein High School and Klein Collins High School to no longer include prayer in school events. Student volunteers at each of the schools offered invocations and benedictions at the June 4 ceremonies.

“The school district takes its legal obligations very seriously, especially regarding the Constitution,” said Judy Rimato, Klein ISD spokeswoman. “We will be reviewing our policies regarding graduation ceremonies.”

On June 3, a day before the Klein ISD graduations, a federal court ruled that a valedictorian at a San Antonio public school would be allowed to offer a prayer at her graduation. Gov. Rick Perry had also voiced his support for the move.

To read more on this story, head to The Houston Chronicle's website: http://blog.chron.com/believeitornot/2011/06/houston-area-schools-criticized-for-prayer-at-graduation/


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Another left-wing attack on Christians. Again, nobody is forcing the crowd to pray. There are no gunmen walking around making sure your head is bowed and you are praying. If you don't want to pray, then don't. But don't try to stop those of us who want to pray. That is infringing on our Constitutional right. Again, it's not freedom FROM religion, but Freedom of Religion. And there is no separation of church and state in the Constitution. The gov't just can't promote a state-sponsored religion.

And yet in California, they're trying to force kindergarteners to learn about homosexuality. So it's ok for the gov't to teach 5 year olds about being gay, but they aren't allowed to pray. I think we all need to pray for forgiveness for the breakdown in morals in our society before we invoke the wrath of God. If you study history, it's the breakdown in morals in societies that leads to the fall of great civilizations; i.e., Roman, Greek, Egyptians...

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