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Houston suburb debating illegal immigrant rent ban

Houston suburb debating illegal immigrant rent ban

POSTED: Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 1:54pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 9:09am

TOMBALL, Texas (AP) - The city council of a Houston suburb plans
to debate an ordinance that would prevent illegal immigrants from
owning or renting property and running businesses.

At its meeting on Tuesday, the Tomball City Council also planned
to debate whether to make English the city's official language and
discuss the future of a city-run day labor site.

The proposed ordinance against renting to illegal immigrants is
similar to one a Dallas suburb tried to enforce.

In March, a federal judge ruled that ordinance unconstitutional.

The Tomball council member proposing the ordinances says he
fully supports legal immigration.

But critics are calling his proposals racist and reactionary.

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So teach them English and give them Amnesty, then they'd be hardworking tax paying Americans... Oh wait then people couldn't take advantage of the cheap labor anymore. Sheesh.

Honestly, can you give me one good reason why amnesty would be so bad without being racist?

Our unemployment rates for AMERICANS are high enough without having FOREIGNERS come over here ILLEGALLY and take what few jobs we have left. If they want to live here, they can apply for a VISA and see if they get approved. Just think about what they would do to us if we were to enter their country illegally. Our constitution is constitutional for AMERICANS, not ILLEGALS.

Good !

It should be a national law if you ask me. The constitution is for AMERICANS so how can it be unconstitutional?

It should be a national law if you ask me. The constitution applies to Americans.

Good on them! Tyler should have one to but never will with a "progressive" City Council!

It's not racist or reactionary if the people are here illegally. Let the people that already live and work here fill the vacancies!

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