Houston suburb doesn't ban illegal immigrant rents

Houston suburb doesn't ban illegal immigrant rents
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 9:58pm

TOMBALL, Texas (AP) - A Houston suburb has decided not to step
into the fray over illegal immigration.

The Tomball City Council voted Tuesday night not to consider
banning illegal immigrants from renting property or owning
businesses or that would have made English its official language.

Council members discussed several controversial ordinance
proposals Tuesday night that would have also prevented illegal
immigrants from owning property or operating any business.

Finally, they were dissuaded in part from pursuing a ban on renting to
illegal immigrants based on the experience of Farmers Branch, a
Dallas suburb that for years has been trying unsuccessfully to
enforce a similar ordinance.

Council members also tabled a proposal that called for requiring
any company awarded a city contract to not hire illegal immigrants.

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