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Houston teen arrested on bus in East Texas

Houston teen arrested on bus in East Texas
Nacogdoches County Sheriff

POSTED: Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 11:07am

UPDATED: Friday, January 18, 2013 - 11:33am

A Houston teen was arrested late Wednesday night after authorities found three pounds of marijuana and a pistol in his duffle bag.

Nacogdoches Sheriff Jason Bridges said that deputies conducted a check at the Kerrville bus station in Nacogdoches around 11:30pm.

Officials noticed that a man on the bus was acting very nervouse and kept moving from seat to seat.

When they finally approached him, deputies could smell marijuana coming from his duffle bag.

Once they had consent to search the bag, they found the marijuana and pistol.

The man, Drevon Jones, 17, of Houston, was arrested and booked into the Nacogdoches County jail for possession of marijuana and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

Information from the Nacogdoches County Sheriff

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Ok he had a cheap Lorencen 9mm and what looks like.... CCI birdshot? Even barrel was kind of rusty.

Now if they could smell pot at a distance that guy was, well a amateur smuggler.

Well bye bye for him as that was dealing in drugs and using a firearm while dealing. BIG SENTENCE!

And if he was a ex-con then it's FELON IN POSSESSION OF A FIREARM. 10 years (if they actually prosecute.)

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