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How long does it take to bounce back from your 'spring forward?'


POSTED: Monday, March 11, 2013 - 6:03pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 11, 2013 - 6:09pm

Daylight saving time blues

Many of us woke up to dark skies Monday morning, instead of sunshine. Daylight saving time has started.

The perks: we get to take advantage of more daytime hours.

The downside: it takes a while for people to adjust to the change in time.

Deanna Olsen of Tyler says, “Oh, about 48 hours." to get used to it, Tina Jones of Tyler and Sandy Mortenson of Mineola tell KETK it takes them about a week to get back to normal.

But on average, doctors say, it usually takes longer than that. Dr. James Stocks, Sleep expert from The University of Texas Health Science Center of Tyler tells KETK, " When we make a change in our sleep, wake schedule, on average it takes about two weeks to re-sync the brain."

Doctor stocks says, if you turn to sleep medicine to try to get more restful sleep during this daylight saving time adjustment period, think again, Dr. Stocks says, " We have this wishful thinking that drugs might make a difference in terms of adapting us quicker, the truth is that drugs don't work very well."

Your age also plays a factor in how fast you bounce back from the "spring forward." Stocks says, "It takes longer for someone who is a little older, someone who's young and has fairly robust healthy sleep it can take a little less than that."

He says the best way to deal with the transition into more daylight is to get into a routine. Stocks says, "It becomes even more important to go to sleep at a regular time get up at a regular time,” he says after a couple weeks you'll be fine. And the time to "fall back" on your old ways will come soon enough.

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