How to prepare for freezing temps in East Texas

Friday, January 3, 2014 - 7:54pm

Extreme cold temperatures are making their way to East Texas, and here's what you should do to prepare:


- Check your battery life.  It's more likely to cause problems if its older than 5 years.

- Check the cooling system.  If the coolant is green or yellow, its still good.

- Check tire pressure.

- Don't use the windshield wipers to get rid of any ice on your car.

(according to David Brown, Roberson Automotive)



- Insulate all pipes.  This is especially important if you live in an older home.

- Keep cold and hot water running. 

- Turn off all outside hydrants.

- Insulate everything including pipes in the attic.

(according to Wayne McIntyre, McIntyre Plumbing president)



- Bring them indoors!

- If you can't bring them inside, make sure they have a warm place to stay.  Put them in the garage, screened porch, or make sure their outside house has hay or blankets.

- Feed them more than once a day because they burn more energy whenever its cold.

- If you do take them outside for a walk, it's smart to put a sweater on short-haired dogs.

(according to Gayle Helms, Pets Fur People)

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