How to prepare your soil for Spring

Monday, March 4, 2013 - 6:29pm

If you want a bountiful and delicious harvest this spring, you need to prepare your garden correctly.

But before you do, a Horticulturist tells KETK, you need to prepare your soil properly.

"For any kind of garden whether we are talking about flowers or vegetables soils are.... It's kind of like the foundation of your house, if you mess up on the foundation the house will not be good, so are soils are the foundation," says Keith Hansen, Texas A&M Agrilife.

Hansen says, you need to prep your soil now for spring crops, vegetables, annual flowers and shrub beds to make sure the soil is ready.

Experts say, the biggest mistake is using lousy dirt,

"The most important thing is to add organic matter," says Keith Hansen, Texas A&M Agrilife.

He encourages to add compost, manure or humus to the soil.

"When you work it when it's wet this tends to destroy the soil structures so you really don't want to work it when it's bone dry either, it should just be kind of moist," says Keith Hansen, Texas A&M Agrilife.

In East Texas, the soil is known to have a lot of acidity and adding a touch of lime will do the trick.

Gulley tells KETK, it's important to know the nutrients in your soil for gardening benefits.

"Now is a good time for farmers and growers to pull a soil test to determine what the nutrient levels are, amend those soils and get them ready as we get into the gardening season,"  says Chad Gulley, Texas A&M Agrilife.

All the prep work will save you disappointment.

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