How to save money on your heat bill during the cold blast

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 6:52pm

As the temperature drops here in East Texas, people usually run to their thermostats and crank up the heat. "They think they are going to be warmer if they turn the thermostat up, but all that's going to do is make their bills go higher." Rick Walker, owner of ‘The Original’ Evan’s Air conditioning in Tyler says, “If you're comfortable at 65 degrees or 68 or 72 then set your thermostat there and leave it."

Walker says, there's one mistake people make that can cost you big bucks on your bill, "If you're at work during the day, and you're not a home, a lot of people turn their thermostat off, then when they get home at 5 o'clock, it's cold in the house and they crank it up to 75, no don't do that,” Walker said. Instead, Walker says when you leave, just turn the temp down a few degrees.

- Keeping you doors closed, and sealing your windows can also maximize your heat.

- And always clean your filters in your furnace.

- You can also use the sunlight to your advantage

Dicksie Walker, Co-Owner of Evan’s Air says, "If you have sunshine coming in on the west side or south side of your window, you might open the blinds to let the heat in."

If you really want to get high tech on saving, you may want to consider putting in a programmable thermostat. Walker says, "Is the wi-fi thermostat and you can actually use your iPhone or your Droid and control your thermostat from your phone. It's handy, and it can make your home more efficient and your air conditioner and heater more efficient."

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