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hundreds of Burmese refugees to work at Nacogdoches company


POSTED: Monday, January 24, 2011 - 10:07pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 9:32am

NACOGDOCHES-- Pilgrim's Pride in Nacogdoches has 4,000 employees, but they still need hundreds more. However, officials there say there are more than 3,500 jobs in meat processing plants within 30 miles of the company, so the local labor market is depleted.

After advertising for employees for two years, they say they still couldn't fill the spots, so the company decided to hire more than two hundred Burmese refugees.

Burma is the second poorest country in the world, and the average income there is $200 a year.  Right now, both workers and their families are living in Houston getting ready to move to Nacogdoches.  When they come to work at Pilgrim's Pride, they will get a wage to live off of plus benefits.

City Mayor Roger Van Horn says the refugees will pay taxes and rent.  He also says the children will go to public schools and families will live in a closed nursing home.

Several members in the community are concerned about how it's going to work--especially since Burmese have more than a hundred languages and dialects.  Mayor Van Horn says, "Where are we going to find Burmese translators? We don't know that answer just yet, but they're around. We'll find them."

Also, many of the children do not have birth certificates, so it's hard to tell what grade they belong to.

But Mayor Van Horn says the city and the refugees will learn to live together. He says, "They're trying to create a new life, and that's really what America's about. Sometimes we forget that."

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(A Waiver From Homeland Security Allows A Surge of Burmese Refugees from January 2008) - What really is astonishing to me is how the media in East Texas is publishing this on nearly every newscast. They know how Americans are "hurting" financially but don't seem to care. This is going on all over the country with the Burmese. Usually our government is a bit more sneaky than letting this be published over and over and over.

This is going on all over the country, not just Nacogdoches. I am surprized that they are publishing this so much since they know how Americans are "hurting" and our government is usually pretty sneaky about things such as this.

A Waiver From Homeland Security Allows A Surge of Burmese Refugees (January 2008)

Jesus Christ mentioned in the Beatitudes...the Gospel; I was naked, and ye clothed me not, i was hungry and ye fed me not,..../ also concerning being a stranger in the land, and whether or not as a stranger that He was taken in and cared for...identifying with the refugee, homeless, poor, immigrant.

Americans have VERY SHORT memories , about their history.......esp. the slaughter and enslavement of foreign and domestic indigenous peoples such as the slaves/ American Indians they wiped out.

Mayor Van Horn seems to have forgotten about the citizens of Nacogdoches and east Texas. Pilgrim's Pride evidently is not advertising a wage that is attractive to citizens and they should not be allowed to turn the town and county into another immigrant dumping ground just so they can have cheap labor!!!

When a company can't find citizen employees, they don't want to pay enough to make the job worthwhile!!!

I think it's bad enough we're supporting illegals without adding new "legal" ones.We have seen many,increases in school taxes,overecrouding,health care increases,unemployment increases just to name a few.Just because these people aer brought up here does not mean that they are going to be employed,is Pilgrim,s Pride going to ship back the ones that do not go to work or lose thier jobs?To say they will be paying taxes,yes,sales,not property taxes to go to our schools or county for hospital.

I for one think this is very un-American. I will boycott them till they use Americans for work.

They are using Americans for work. These people live here legally. They work, pay taxes, and contribute to society. Why don't YOU go de-bone chicken for 40 plus hours a week...or is your American mentality too good for that?

well im really glad to see that the leaders in our community are going to take the refugees with open arms!!!!! we need more diversity in our community, This will bring us knowledge about another country and its culture...we can all use more knowledge!!!!

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