Illegal alien deportations up

Monday, October 11, 2010 - 8:30pm

Finally some good news on illegal immigration. At a time when everyone is claiming lax border enforcement, the government says it is setting records.

Of course because it’s an election year, the charges are flying thick and fast about illegal immigration. Is Arizona right…or is it wrong? Are we doing enough or are the Feds slacking off.

Well, we may need to do more, but under the circumstances, this qualifies as good news.

A record number of illegal immigrants were deported during the last fiscal year... that word today from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

During a Washington news conference, she said immigration and customs enforcement removed more than 392-thousand illegal immigrants ... half of whom had criminal convictions.

"These record-breaking statistics in 2010 build on the historic work that we began in 2009,” Napolitano said.

Some of those convictions included murder, rape and major drug crimes...while others were convicted of lesser crimes such as burglary and some property crimes.

"We have deployed unprecedented infrastructure, unprecedented technology, unprecedented manpower,” she continued, “particularly along the Southwest border including more than 17-thousand border patrol agents and 12 hundred national guard currently stationed at the Southwest border."

Napolitano attributed the deportation record to increased border enforcement, workplace enforcement and an expansion of the department's secure communities program.

“…and reflect our continued focus on identifying, apprehending and removing those who pose public safety threats to our communities," Napolitano said.

The usual suspects took the usual stands. Immigrant rights groups say the numbers are misleading and most are not criminals.

And strict border control advocates say it is a drop in the bucket.

ICE also says it has audited more than 3200 employers suspected of hiring illegals, and imposed over $50-million in fines.

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