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Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 11:46am

Ted Cruz: "Stop granting immigration amnesty"

Ted Cruz:
Immigration Crisis

POSTED: Sunday, July 20, 2014 - 12:39pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 28, 2014 - 11:27am

Ted Cruz was in McAllen, Texas Saturday, where he toured the border patrol station there and a church that has been giving food and clothing to illegal immigrants who are released from federal detention.
Cruz said Border Patrol agents told him many of the kids who were caught crossing into the United States from various Central American countries believe they will be given amnesty.

"If you look what is causing this crisis it's very clear that it is the promise of amnesty that is causing so many tens of thousands of kids to risk their lives coming to this country."

Last week, Cruz introduced legislation that would stop President Obama from granting amnesty in the future.  

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For a brilliant Harvard Law School graduate, Ted Cruz is a little fuzzy on immigration law. The current law says that when these children cross our border and ask for asylum, they cannot be returned to their country before they get a hearing by an immigration judge. If they are granted asylum at that hearing, they can stay. If they are not, they have to leave. "HOW IS THAT AMNESTY?"

News flash: immigration protesters flood Boston (as in Massachusetts). Anger at Obama is reaching boiling point.

Meanwhile... Madeleine Albright: ‘The world is a mess.’ Yes Madeline Halfbright even says it's a mess and we all know Obama just spends his time playing golf.

Hope for change in FIVE MONTHS. Vote all Dems out so we can IMPEACH Obama.


Ted’s Twisted History
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In Sen. Ted Cruz’s twisted vision of economic history, Ronald Reagan cured double-digit unemployment by cutting spending and reducing the federal debt, and Jimmy Carter was guilty of “out-of-control regulation.” […]

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Sen. Ted Cruz says premiums have gone 'up and up and up' for 'virtually every person' Our ruling
Cruz said Obamacare has led to premiums going up and up and up for virtually every person. Cruz was most inaccurate when he spoke sweepingly about most Americans. The fact is, the majority of Americans already have insurance and Obamacare has had little impact on their premiums.

Ted Cruz says Barack Obama is first president 'who thinks he can choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore'
We rate the claim False.

George W. Bush. While president, Bush issued 161 signing statements -- that is, official pronouncements that accompany the signing of a bill into law. In addition to commenting on the law generally, signing statements have been used to document the president’s constitutional objections to provisions contained in the law, and sometimes to announce how (or whether) parts of the law will be enforced. Bush was hardly the first to issue signing statements, but he was the most prolific.

Says children are coming into the U.S. in "staggering numbers" because President Barack Obama "has been promising amnesty."
We rate this statement as False.

If ted idiot cruz thinks President Obama is granting amnesty to anyone he is more stupid than I thought.
The 2008 law signed by then-President George W. Bush gave legal protections to migrant children from anywhere but Mexico and Canada as part of an effort to combat human trafficking of minors. That means another republican president granted amnesty to these children NOT President Obama. cruz is nothing but a liar & clown anyway!!

It's an easy solution if you're honest and not making $Millions in profits.
If you're dishonest it's not the answer you want to hear.
You want to point the finger in another direction like Teddy is doing.
He's pointing it away from his corporate donor and toward DC.
The Answer: Enforce Texas employment laws on the books today
Arrest, fine, imprison White Collar Criminals & close them down.
Teddy's answer- spend $Billions on securing the border.

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