Texas schools prepare for influx of immigrant children

Immigration Crisis

POSTED: Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 11:32am

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 5:25pm

School districts across Texas are preparing for classes to start once again. Unlike most years, however, because of the recent influx of immigrant children, some are anticipating a higher number of immigrant children enrolling.

Each year schools across Texas anticipate a certain number of new students. After the recent flood of migrant children into Texas, some schools are wondering how many to expect.

"If a student shows up with a guardian that can enroll them in a school district, that child is entitled to right to education," said Gene Acuna with the Texas Education Agency.

The Department of Education is trying to guide districts with this fact sheet, answering questions and providing resources.

Hays CISD has a newcomer arrival classroom, specifically for children from other countries.

"They're children. we didn't become educators because we wanted to turn away children, we want to help all children," said Leticia Maynard with Simon Middle School.

While schools can't legally turn away students, some aren't happy about the burden on taxpayers.

"Failure to enforce our federal laws has resulted in situation that will put additional load on local homeowners to pay for these children's education," a Travis County taxpayers expressed.

Communities will have a better idea of how this is impacting their schools come the first day of class.

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The 'educators.." comment by Leticia Maynard shows immaturity on her part.
Most of the children & adults from South of our border are not literate in theirs own language test show.

Therefore assimilation in literacy would be very difficult if not impossible. Our teachers would receive the brunt of this burden under the guise of "children", but this mantra would have subsumed the condition of ENGLISH.
Was this ever voted on by us Taxpayers??
Or just foisted???

So regardless of what Rusk county wants. The feds ARE going to dump these kids into the foster care system. The local schools ARE going to be stuck with these kids. They ARE going to educate them at taxpayers expense. This is a fascist dictatorship not a democracy. And republicans voted for the Patriot Act making it all legal. In case anyone doesn't like it Obama reserves the right to execute you without a trial. And republicans are suing over the ACA.

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