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Insuring a passion, 62-year old Tylerite still competing in hurdles


POSTED: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 10:03pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 9:16am

Many people are forced to give up their athletic passions once they finish high school or college, but for one local insurance salesman, jumping hurdles, such as age, is all part of the game.

Robert Hahn has been selling insurance for 40 years, but the 62-year old has never stopped competing in track and field, racing in the hurdles.

Hahn considers himself a man of simple interests.

"I don't hunt, fish, or play golf, just insurance and track.  I'm only two dimensional," said Hahn.

The former of those interests pays the bills, but the latter is in many ways just as important.

"I don't exactly eat right or diet right but it keeps me in shape.  My father passed away when he was 64 years old so I thought I better stay in shape or do something that's when i found out about this Master Track and Field."

An organization designed for track and field athletes 40 years and older.

"I kind of have to scrape for everything I can.  During the season I lift weights two days a week and run two days a week."

Hahn started running in elementary school, but he didn't start jumping hurdles, until he got to Tyler Lee.

"The first time I ever ran them was the second meet my senior year.  I won the prelim and in the finals I got second because I was watching the other guy next to me and I hit the last hurdle and didn't fall, but got second place."

Now his passion takes him all over the world, and he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"The only sport I know where I can't wait to get to the next age group so I may have a better chance to win then."

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Another example of someone who is getting the best out of his life! And anyone who says "you can't do it" is prime for someone like Mr. Hahn to show that it CAN be done. I have a friend who at 67 ran the Maui half marathon last September and won his age group in 1:58:56, beating the next in his group by 18 minutes...a runner for over 30 years, he is going back this coming September to "2-peat" and win it again! And an 81-year young Tyler man just did the Boston! You're NEVER too old, folks!!

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