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Iran, now what?


POSTED: Friday, June 13, 2014 - 6:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 16, 2014 - 9:30am

Veterans of Iraq, thanks for everything.

Sorry, $1.7 trillion for the Iraq war and thousands dead. Now, for what?

We were told by the smartest people in the world,  this administration, everything was fine. Our strategy and goodwill will keep things to a simmer in Iraq. I guess the bad guys don't read the New York Times.

Isis is on the March killing. America is sick of war, but no one is sicker now than the Iraqi war vets. All the sacrifice they went through whether they agreed with the war strategy or not. They were there on the ground.

We told the world we were short-times and told them the day we would pull out of the area. Of course, the oil speculators are going nuts. That means the prices of fuel will start going up. In fact, it is.

Our new ally now be Iran. The president says he's looking into the situation and says no Americans will be deployed. To me, this means air strikes, but I am not a military planner.

I can observe, and I think almost anyone who doesn't believe in fairies and unicorns knew we were heading for trouble because of this incomplete foreign policy.

And we are.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The US was dis-invited by Iraq under Bush & Obama.
Iraqi leaders are corrupt & wanted the US out.
They got what they asked for.
Crazy Karzai is doing the same in Afghanistan.
This was NOT an incomplete foreign policy.
Millions of gallons of refined oil leave TX ports for Communist China every year.
US oil makes HUGE $PROFITS selling to the highest bidder.
EXXONMobil gets TAX CREDITS & LOOPHOLES w/lobbyists.
Keep American oil in America.
Corporate GREED is destroying the middle class.
USA Strong

If you're an American citizen and you know that your govt. supports the coup that overthrew the Ukrainian govt. in Kiev, and you know that your govt. supports the Rebels in Syria, and your govt. supported the invasion of Libya, and conducted the invasion of Iraq. You might be confused who the "Bad Guys" are. Well, the Bad Guys are who the American citizen are talking to when they say; "We want our country back".

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