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Jacksonville 8-year-old runs lemonade stand for breast cancer research

Kirsten Glavin

POSTED: Friday, July 25, 2014 - 5:47pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 25, 2014 - 6:06pm

It all started when the little girl found out her aunt and grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Landry, who had learned about cancer in school, was heart broken, but relieved when she found out that something could be done.

Landry said, "My aunt Marlene inspired me, and my grammy inspired me because they were both my family and I really love them so much, so i thought i could do something about that."

Landry, 8, of Jacksonville, started her own piggy bank at home for breast cancer donations. She then came up with the idea to start a lemonade stand to add to the cause.

"I was thinking about what I could do to help breast cancer, and so i thought of maybe doing a lemonade stand with my friends," Landry said.

Her supportive parents were on board with the idea. Her father Jeremy allowed landry to set up the stand in front of his office for the day.

"As a parent, you wonder if you're teaching your children the right values that you want them to have, and this is a great example that she's learning some of the things that we want her to and i just couldn't be more proud," said Jeremy.

Landry and her friends sold lemonade for a dollar and watermelons for five. Both were a definite hit. Customers stopped by, and even donated for such a great cause.

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