Jacksonville College adding Golf and Tennis programs

Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 10:21pm

In the way of sports, since the '50s, Jacksonville College has been known...for basketball.

Coach Lynn Nabi says now they're adding golf and tennis into the mix -- complete with scholarship opportunites for new students.

"There are not that many golf and tennis scholarships out there!  I think that if you are wanting a great Christian education, and you're wanting to come to a great Christian college and compete in sports, I think it will be a one of a kind opportunity," Nabi said.

The school plans to sign a contract with a local golf course in Jacksonville and use their tennis facilities as well.

Nabi says faculty and staff were hoping to get enrollment up, and through research decided that golf and tennis could help.

Admissions counselor Tim Timmons is looking forward to it.

"It's gonna open up many more opportunities for students in this area.  To have another option as far as not only going to college but playing sports," Timmons said.

Chelsea Rogers is on the basketball team, but she welcomes the new athletes on the way.

"I think the more the merrier.  Jacksonville's a good place, I mean, they've helped me out a lot you know.  It's a Christian school so it helps you get closer to God," Rogers said.

Coach Nabi says they are deep in the recruiting process at the moment and they're still looking for coaches.

They plan to get the new tennis and golf programs up and running this fall.


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