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Jacksonville College puts 'E-junk' to good use

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 6:57pm

If you have an old cell phone, or used laptop lying around, Jacksonville College can use your old "E-waste" to benefit their school.

The program launched about two weeks ago,"They can bring in used cell phones, used kindles, the empty cartridges for their printers." Sandra Clay,the creator of the program and the admissions advisor said, "Any used small electronics are accepted."

JC has large cardboard boxes around campus, located in the library and the administration buildings, to donate your items. "Anybody can bring them we have two boxes on campus and hopefully we will be able to place other boxes around town later on," Clay said.

     The used electronics are then shipped off to a non-profit organization called Funding Factory, "We send it to them and they even pay the postage for us to send it to them, and then we tell them we want cash or we want credit," Clay said.

For each item sent the school earns points. Those points then turn into cash or credit to go toward purchasing new office electronics, like printers or copiers for the school. "Just drop them off in the box or take them to the front counter and just say I'm turning this in." Clay said.

The idea sparked from Clay's old place of employment at a college in South Georgia, "We were constantly getting things for the college that we would have had to have bought or done without," she said.

The program was such a success there she wanted to take the unique idea and move it to Jacksonville. "We just think it's a wonderful thing to be able to recycle something you no longer need and to get useful items in return." Clay said. She says, turning in your "E-waste" will not only save the environment but also benefit the Jacksonville College budget.

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