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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

Jacksonville College ranked most affordable, private, 2-year college in U.S.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 6:41pm

Jacksonville College has been called the "hidden gem" of East Texas. However, now they can no longer say the school is unknown, because the college is ranked as one of the most affordable private two-year colleges in the nation. 

KETK spoke with the Academic Dean, Lynn Nabi, who said, "Now the data shows, that we are as competitive when it comes to the cost of an education".  The only private school at a lower cost, is the Institute of Design in New York. Nabi said, "A lot of students don't realize, yea they look at other state schools, and go, 'Hey the tuition is a lot lower than Jacksonville College', but when they get there they pay all these enormous fees and by the time they pay them, it's all equaled out". 

Here are the top 5 colleges from the list of the most affordable, private, 2-year universities: 

  • Institute of Design and Construction in New York; $3,287
  • Jacksonville College in Texas; $4,304
  • White Earth Tribal Community College in Minnesota; $4,359
  • Alaska Christian College in Alaska; $4,360
  • Victory Trade School in Missouri; $5,055

In comparison, here are the top 5 public schools: 

  • Pamlico Community College, North Carolina; $4,083
  • Mid Michigan Community College, Michigan; $4,090
  • El Paso Community College, Texas; $4,099
  • Schoolcraft College, Michigan; $4,103
  • Nunez Community College, Louisiana; $4,141

So including fees like tuition, housing, and meal plans, Jacksonville College is even more affordable than most local public schools in East Texas. Attending a semester will cost $4,304, while most local community colleges cost around $4,000. Nabi explained, "If you take the list of public schools that we like comparing ourselves to, none of those schools made the top 50 list, and when you talk about affordability that's very good"

The college is also the only faith-based two-year university in all of Texas. Mike Smith, the Jacksonville President,  said, "We haven't veered from our mission since 1899, and that's to provide education here in this area".


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