"Jacksonville Joe's"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 7:27pm

You might have seen it off of Highway 69 in Jacksonville.

It is a small yellow trailer in the parking lot of Century 21.

Well it turns out the trailer is "Jacksonville Joe's" the only coffee drive thru in town.

Larry Frisinger and his wife Charla moved to East Texas four years ago from the coffee capital itself Seattle.

But no Texas coffee satisfied Frisinger's taste, so he decided to make his own instead.

After getting many compliments on his coffee from his friends and family he finally got the urge to turn his brewing skills into a business.

And in April of last year, Jacksonville Joe's was born.

He bought an old snow cone trailer from a business in Longview and got permission from the owner of Century 21 to sell his coffee in their parking lot.

A year later, he has a handful of loyal customers and more wanting to get a sip of the most buzzed about coffee in Jacksonville.

"It's good, inexpensive and better than Starbucks," said College student Kelsie Bowles.

But, what caught my attention while I was interviewing the "coffee snob" is he knew all of his customer's names and asked them questions about their personal life.

It is something he makes sure to remember.

"If I ask them how is your mom doing with that broken wrist or how did the kids do in cheer tryouts or whatever its just a personal touch. Everyone wants to have someone know their name," said Frisinger.

"He makes me my own special drink and has my recipe written down on the wall. He fixes it up right there for me whenever i need it," said regular customer Travis Yackel.

And for each customer he tops off their coffee fix with a homemade chocolate covered coffee bean.

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