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Judge Jack Skeen staying on Patrick Kelly case

Judge Jack Skeen staying on Patrick Kelly case

POSTED: Friday, November 19, 2010 - 5:44pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 12:08pm

Attorney Thad Davidson has been fighting to have Judge Jack Skeen removed from a child sex ring case.   Patrick Kelly was convicted in 2008 for his alleged role in a Mineola child sex ring.

In June, a Houston appeals court found his conviction should be reversed and re-tried.  The same court said that Judge Skeen gave Kelly an unfair trial and should be removed from the case.

However, after reviewing paperwork, Senior District Judge Alvin Khoury rules today that there is no reason to remove him from the trial.  Khoury says, "Judge Skeen, not being perfect because he is human, certainly could have done a better job, but i have to believe he gave it his best efforts."

Kelly's attorney Thad Davidson says he respects Khoury's decision, but still believes Kelly has not and will not get a fair trial.

Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham couldn't comment.

No date has been set yet for Kelly's retrial.

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Someone I know will go before judge skeen. This person has a court appointed attorney, and who knows what his defense will be. Being court appointed should not make a difference,except all the facts will not be presented. This person on trial was beaten over several occassions by the person he killed. The person on trial was also given medication by the paternal grandmother. This was to end a nusiance for her. This may have caused the results. Unless this is investigated, this person will pay.

Many people probably don't remember, but there was a situation similar to this in the Gilmer area in the early 90s. In that case there was a missing teenager (Kelly Wilson). Improper questioning by foster parents and CPS workers led to some sensational allegations about ritualistic abuse and the alleged murder of the missing teenager. A special prosecutor was brought in and several people, including a local police officer were arrested. Similar to the current case, many believed these allega

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