Just weeks before election date, GOP parties face off over issues of state

Just weeks before election date, GOP parties face off over issues of state

POSTED: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 1:59am

UPDATED: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 8:36am

BOSTON (AP) -- Three weeks from midterm elections, Republicans speaking up for fiscal conservatism are making strong runs at governorships across the Northeast, where some of the nation's bluest states went big for President Barack Obama two years ago.

Democratic incumbents face tough fights in Massachusetts and New Hampshire against Republican challengers, and the GOP is making aggressive bids for open seats in Vermont, Maine and Connecticut.

Democrats say they'll prevail in a region where voters eager for solutions to economic woes will be turned off by the surge of tea party activists and extremists driving the GOP rightward.  In states dependent on tourism for jobs, they've cast Republicans as too cozy with developers and polluters.

But Republicans are echoing tea party themes of fiscal responsibility, seeking to tap voter discontent over jobs, the sour economy and government spending.  GOP gains in the region on Nov. 2 could bolster Republicans nationally, giving the party a stronger hand in congressional redistricting.

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There is nothing fiscal conservative about our Texas GOP or we would not have a 21 billion dollar shorfall in our state budget witha 34.8 billion dollar bond debt on top of that.
In 2000 we had no bond debt at all but thanks to Rick Perry and the Texas GOP, they have spent us into a hole. Can't blame one Democrat for that. GOP has controlled all branches of our state Govt. for 17 + years.

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