Juvenile "unique incident" at West Rusk Junior High School


POSTED: Friday, August 31, 2012 - 6:28pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 2:20pm

A story that you first saw on KETK's website and mobile app now has the latest update.

We have confirmed with school officals that police are investigating an alleged assualt yesterday at west rusk junior high school between two seventh graders involving a pocket knife.

We spoke with West Rusk Independent School District's superintendent to find out how the school is handling what they are calling, "unique incident."

Superintendent Tommy Alexander told KETK that he and the principal of West Rusk Junior High School sent out a letter to all the parents from sixth through twelfth grade, regarding the alleged assault where a seventh grader walked up behind a classmate and stabbed him in the shoulder with a pocket knife sometime before lunch yesterday.

Alexander said that fortunately school officials were nearby to help the injured student, who was then taken to the hospital and released today at 12:30pm.

As for the student with the knife, Alexander tells KETK he left with the sheriff's deputy and will go in front of the judge in ten days.

He also said, "We hate it happened but whether you like it or not things like that happen from time to time in schools, there's not an issue we've never had anything like any gang activity."

"It's one of those quote unique things that happened for no reason, in fact from what were told the kids are good friends, and they play football together, and we don't know what triggered it," said Alexander.

Alexander also said that he could not release the names of the students because they are juveniles.

He said, "They've known each other for a good while from all indications, that's about all we know at this point were just waiting on the legal system to do their thing."

He told KETK the student that was stabbed will return to classes next week and the student that had the knife will not return to the school for at least a year regardless of the legal decision.

We have contacted the New London Police Department to find out any further information, the City Hall said they are waiting for further information as well. 

We will keep you updated on at KETKnbc.com

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