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K-9 crime stopper gets more training

Friday, August 1, 2014 - 5:43pm

People go to work everyday. The same is true for one hardworking dog, and he has a pretty important job. He keeps crime out of the Troup community.

Ten-year-old Luke is a dog. His job is to keep drugs out of Troup with K-9 officer, Kyle Stowers.

"Keep the drugs from flowing into the city. We would much rather prevent the drugs from coming in than catch them later," said Stowers.

They recently attended national training in Amarillo to practice multiple scenarios.

"We had a room that was dedicated to mock up search warrants. We had one that looked like a post office to check packages. We had a luggage room. We had multiple trucks," said Stowers.

For the first time, they searched an airplane.

"That was a real treat...seeing him climb up into the cockpit and actually find the drugs. That was awesome," said Stowers.

Luke learned to sniff out ecstasy. Stowers said Luke is certified for ecstasy for the first time in his career.

Stowers has drugs locked in a vault that he uses to train Luke. He hides the drugs, and then he sends Luke to find them.

"Our dog will find the drugs. He has no problem. We've found lots before," said Stowers.

"If you're a drug dealer, don't come to Troup because we're gonna catch ya," said Troup Chief of Police, Pat Hendrix.

Stowers and Luke travel and work together. Stowers said it's all about team work.

"He does the work, and I listen to him.  It's all about trust. You gotta be able to trust your dog," said Stowers.

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