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KC budget sparks dispute over Longview expansion

KC budget sparks dispute over Longview expansion
Longview News-Journal

POSTED: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 11:00am

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 11:14am

A $55.5 million Kilgore College spending plan has revealed a philosophical dispute between a trustee and the college president over a potential expansion into Longview.

“If we don’t increase student population and contact hours, we’re really going to be in a bind,” Trustee C.B. “Scooter” Griffin told President Bill Holda and his staff during board discussion Monday of a 2013-14 budget that’s on schedule for approval next week.

“We need students, Bill, we need students. We don’t need to increase the burden on students and then fatten administration.”

Griffin was commenting on a proposed budget that maintains current tuition and fees while boosting pay across the board. Nothing was resolved and no votes were taken during Monday’s budget workshop.

Kilgore College tuition is the 43rd most expensive among Texas community colleges for students coming from within the college taxing district. But tuition ranks 15th highest for students outside the college taxing district. Longview’s three school districts are outside Kilgore College’s taxing district, so those students pay the higher rate.

Slightly more than 80 students of Kilgore College’s incoming classes typically come from Longview High School, the greatest contributing district except for Kilgore ISD, which generally contributes about 90 young scholars.

Out-of-district students pay three times the tuition in-district students face. Fees also are significantly higher for out-of-district students.

Finance director Duane McNaney told trustees $7 of every $10 feeding the $3.4 million in tuition revenue in the budget will come from out-of-district students.

“Our subsistence comes from them,” Griffin said. “We need to go where the students are and attract them, that’s all. The political side of that — it’s keeping us from growing.”

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