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Keep pests out of your home during winter months


POSTED: Sunday, December 29, 2013 - 5:41pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 29, 2013 - 11:42pm

While you're trying to stay warm during winter months so are critters, and you'll find yourself trying to keep them out of your home.

Joel Lowry of Best Pest Control tell us, this time of year he sees more rats, mice, roaches, fleas, millipedes and bed bugs because of the cold weather. These pests are becoming a big problem for East Texans.

Lowry says, prevent winter pest problems before they start. "Good weather stripping around the door, caulking around the window, if you see any cracks I would seal those cracks,'' said Lowry.

East Texans we spoke to say, they keep pests out by using insecticides and keeping plants out of the home.

"Insecticides are good to use to prevent insect infestations, but you must carefully follow the label," said Lowry.

Lowry also suggests removing leaves and firewood that is piled up against the home, a pile up can make a home for these pesty critters, and when you bring plants in the home you can bring insects in as well.

"One of the worst things you can do that can cause infestation is to leave food out at night so you want to be particular about cleaning up the dishes and not leaving food out," said Lowry.

As cold temperatures move in, be sure to protect your home before it becomes infested.

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