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Keep your pets safe when you're away


POSTED: Sunday, November 24, 2013 - 6:09pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 25, 2013 - 8:25am

Many people are planning to leave town for the holidays, whether it's for a week or a couple of days. Then we think to ourselves, who will watch your pets?

Finding a pet-sitter should be just as important as finding a babysitter.

Some folks think it's ok just to leave the water and food and say good-bye, but Gayle Helms for Pets Fur People says, you need to put more thought into it.

"There are quite a few pet centers out there, but you need information on them you might even check with the Better Business Bureau or better yet a referral from someone who uses that sitter to see how responsible they are," says Helms.

Our local Better Business Bureau has some helpful tips, the most important one, if you find someone to watch your pet, choose pet boarding or kennels, it's important to go with your gut.

KETK asked East Texas where they place their pets when they leave town.

"We actually leave our dogs at home because that's the place they are used to, and we have someone check on them. we have a doggie-door, so they can go in and out," says Dottie Zankle of Tyler.

Shirley Harmon of Athens tell us, some pet shops have daycare that you can out your pets in. Harmon has cats and can leave them home when she leaves town, but not for more than four days.

Helms says, your pets are family and they need to be comfortable.

"So often I think it's better to leave your pets at home as oppose to boarding them just because they can stay in their own routine," says Helms.

"If you got puppies or kittens that are playful and really curious they can chew on those electrical wire."

Pets can chew on Christmas lights which can be deadly and even cause a house fire.

So think about your pet's safety in advance as you would your holiday travel.

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