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Kelly Gage walks free, Patti McHugh's son reacts


POSTED: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 6:40pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 9:23am

Watch the video above for more on this story and to see KETK's encounter with Kelly Gage just minutes after he was released from the Smith County jail, Tuesday.  Gage spent 90 days locked up for what detectives say was his role in his wife Patti McHugh Gage's death.  Police say Thanksgiving day 2011, Gage severely beat McHugh in a drunken rage, but later told detectives he couldn't remember what happened. McHugh later died in a local hospital from injuries, her son Nicholas, tells KETK were caused by Gage. They arrested Gage November 28th, and held him on a $1 million dollar bond for aggravated assault, but after 90 days of a thorough investigation, and expert analysis on McHugh's body, Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham told KETK on Monday, they don't have enough evidence to indict Gage for murder. McHugh's cause of death was ruled undetermined. Under the current state law, in this situation, Gage could walk free, if nothing was presented to a grand jury within the 90 days. Tuesday, a judge was forced to lower his bond to a $10,000 PR bond.  And just before 1:00 pm, Gage was let go.  Matt Bingham tells KETK the criminal investigation against Gage is ongoing. Nicholas McHugh tells KETK his mother's family will consider suing Gage for wrongful death in a civil suit, once Gage's criminal case is closed.

Meanwhile, McHugh wants other women to listen to his mother's story so that they won't fall victim to domestic violence acts in the future.

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What have you heard locally about the money?

Give me a break! A CIVIL suit, so more money from clueless people......this woman was BOMBED fell & hurt herself bad enough that it killed her. There is no proof otherwise, its a dam shame, but begging for money continually because she was murdered is a SHAM, until the evidence says otherwise....these investigators want to get KELLY & if there was a shred of evidence they would. He didnt do this to her in the end, she did it to herself. Its just disgraceful trying to profit off this.

What's do you mean by this?

No one is using this to try and make money I assure you. Everything is going to help with getting the story of abuse out there and trying to save lives...

Ok, if thats what its being used for then I stand corrected, I have been hearing otherwise locally & was just disgusted when I heard all the surrounding facts. However education is key for these women, so thats great, they need to know its NEVER ok to stay with a man who abuses you, & WORSE if you stay with children, its actually child neglect to stay if your child has been hurt, or threatened to be hurt, or if your life is in danger by staying, afterall the children need their Mother.

Yes Gage is clearly a bad man,with a bad history, yes its horrible Patti Mchugh died, but lets not lose sight of the facts/evidence which are: NO evidence that this bad man beat this woman the day she died, and clear evidence that this mother of a special needs child whom was HOME at the time, was intoxicated 4.5 times the legal limit, wasted out of her mind. My heart goes out to the family & the child, but ultimately at THIS time this appears to be death by accident during drunken stooper.

No. You're wrong there. He waited HOURS HOURS to take her in... I'm talking 6 hours she laid there with a brain bleed from HIM hitting her. HE WAS THERE! Don't talk unless you know what you're talking about. She wasn't wasted out of her mind. She also INHALED alcohol. How could that of occurred hmm? Just... do me and my family a favor and don't talk.

I have to agree w/strongwoman, the boys are the victims here,really NO ONE knows what went on in that house that night,all we have to go by is the published evidence, including tox reports, which say she was 4.5 times the legal limit drunk, and YES he could have hit her & waited 6 hrs to take her in, OR she could have fell being that drunk and he COULD have been passed out.When a woman is beat their are certain marks/bruises,she had none of those according to rpt, so with those facts he is free.

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