Kenneth Copeland audit reveals unflattering results

Kenneth Copeland audit reveals unflattering results

POSTED: Friday, January 7, 2011 - 3:28pm

UPDATED: Sunday, May 29, 2011 - 6:29pm

FORT WORTH - A Texas televangelist is audited, and the results appear to be less-than-flattering.

Although Kenneth Copeland did not violate any federal tax rules, the audit did show an extravagant lifestyle with a $6 million mansion and his own personal aircraft.

Among other things, that $20 million ministry jet was used for personal reasons. That includes vacations and shopping trips.

Information from WFAA-TV

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My God some of you are idiots... His enormous wealth and extravagance really demonstrate what Jesus taught and died for.

My God some of you people are idiots... he is an abomination and his wealth and extravagance really demonstrate what Jesus taught.

I WILLINGLY gave for that SPECIFIC plane.
The whinners don't have a dime in it so what's your problem? Bet you've never given to anyone, must less someone that blesses so many people all over the world.
Why aren't you complaining about Trump? It's because you have no clue what the Gospel (good news) can do for you. Your just jealous. If you produced as much material as the Copelands and lived by what the Bible says - you could be blessed too, instead of belly acking.

This couple seem to have helped feed and actually see people healed , if you look and do some research like I did . They appear to have enormous responsibilities .Let him without sin (for Christians ) throw the first stone , as for me no way. Those that do not get the faith thing I just say WHATEVER , go do some good thing for someone because it is the only way ya'll are going to get out of this life alive , as for us Christians we are relying on the big Brother

Why are people starving to death , because the Copelands have a private jet.What responsibilities do you have and how much are you compensated for what you do?? Most people in the world have 1000 % less than you .Pray for your eyes to be opened and go create wealth to feed the poor !

Look at what he has done for the advancement of the Gospel. What do you think we ought to give him for his faithfulness and clean lifestyle? A $100,000 ranch and a Chevy?

He is blessed by God.

Copeland is just another charlatan, like obama, milking our corrupt American government system.

Send 'em all to prison for the rest of their worthless lives!

At least he didnt abuse his taxes like a lot of rich people do and they still help the world by setting up missions and reaching out to millions with their television series

That just shows Gods blessings over his life, so just because you are a christian means you can't live a wealthy life style? Everything belongs to Him, and if He chooses to bless us with a prosperous life style and a prosperous ministry than great! If people who choose do to wrong still have wealth than why not a man that dedicates his life to serving the Lord.

Jesus said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He said it for a reason, like everything else He made sure got into the bible. I think Kenneth has a few household idols around his house.One of them is wealth....and these are his altars.

Maybe this will encourage people to give to SECULAR charities.

They never seem to learn this looks very bad and
makes everyone want to stop sending contributing any more.

Well, your right about Obama and Pelosi. A 6 million dollars mansion? A private plane? I think this ol boy is not doing the lords work but living off money that is suppose to be for the church. The pastor at my church works as a carpenter and is far from being rich. This story sounds like jim and Tammy Baker. He is in it for the money and lifestyle so for you supporters of his ministry, keep giving your money to this greedy man. He has been blessed with your money.Good for the IRS!!!!!

So what. Check how much Obama spends of all our money. Copelands lifestyle is nothing compard to Obama's and the rest of his cronies like Pelosi. at least Copelands put much of his finances to heloing the poor and feed the starving children around the world. What can Obama say?

At least Obama is doing actual work instead preaching to glorified social clubs. Obama still has to pay taxes, and that jet doesn't belong to him.

This is why ministers should have a business-minded person handling the accounting and etc.

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