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KETK interviews Dr. Bill Gray about hurricanes and global warming


POSTED: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 11:14pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 6:54pm

Colorado State University's hurricane prediction team made up of Dr. William Gray and Phil Klotzbach recently announced they won't be predicting the number of hurricanes we'll get as early as December -- like they have for many years.

They say it's just too hard to predict something like that so early.

KETK's chief meteorologist Scott Chesner agrees.

"Predicting the weather in the long range is an impossible feat the farther out in time you go, its just another reason why especially in terms of trying to predict man's influence on the climate -- totally preposterous!" Chesner said.

Dr. Gray himself has always been very vocal against the notion of man-made global warming.

But he says that's not exactly what their change in forecast style is about.

"It's just, we haven't shown in real practice, skill with it.  So we said 'gee if we've tried it 20 years without skill, we'd be lying to the public to put out specific numbers.'"

Dr. Gray tells KETK, contrary to reports circulated by a Canadian newspaper, they will begin making qualitative predictions in December and will still do their other 3 forecasts later in the year that predict the number of storms.

"They misinterpreted it, they were kind of said we're giving up the...throwing in the towel, that isn't right," Gray said.

On a side note, Dr. Gray says that no data points to global warming having any effect on hurricane activity.

The weather expert says he doesn't believe global warming is really coming -- and in the last decade or so he says data shows the earth has actually cooled.

"I'm making a prediction that 100 years from now when the history books are written, Al Gore's gonna wind up halfway between Aaron Burr and Benedict Arnold," Gray said.

Dr. Gray and Dr. Klotzbach's new December report that looks at how severe the season will be is available for viewing.

Click here to visit their website.


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For you deniers out there: what will it take to make you believe that man is adversely affecting the temperature of the Earth? More data, a catastrophic hurricane season, hundreds of consecutive years with abnormal temps? What exactly do you want to see?

"95% of the scientific community disagrees with him".

Don't believe that garbage. I can assure you there is plenty of disagreement. Those of us who make our living through research grants and Univeristy and government work tend to overwhelmingly back global warming doomsday scenarios. Those of us who are forecasters in the real world or work for private industry or have no ties to global warming funding, tend to be overwhelmingly skeptical of the climate doomsday scenarios.

GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH. According to scientists and those who supposedly know, the Earth has gone through many warming and cooling cycles. They say this has happened over tens of millions of years. It is worthwhile to note that during those tens of millions of years, (According to them) there was no gas engines, power plants; nuclear or otherwise, factories, and all the other so called "CAUSES" of this mythical global warming. Tell these experts to stop wasting tax payers money and shut up.

As for "Dr. Gray says that no data points to global warming having any effect on hurricane activity." That's an outright lie. There are plenty of data showing that ocean temperatures are rising. And anyone who's watched the weather channel knows warmer water = stronger hurricanes. The upside being that the soon to be permanent strengthening La Nina means most are getting blown out into the Atlantic.

We are being led to believe that "all scientists agree" about catastrophic global warming. Well, Dr. Gray doesn't, and neither do I. I'm also an atmospheric scientist. BTW, hurricane activity has been near record lows the past few years and scientific papers have not been able to make any significant links between global warming and hurricanes.

I wouldn't use the Weather Channel as your source.

I suppose you know more about hurricanes than Dr. Bill Gray and numerous other hurricane experts (myself included) who agree with him? Or how about the 2007 IPCC report, which states the same? Even if the oceans are warming due to anthropogenic effects, warmer SSTs do not necessarily lead to stronger hurricanes. Fully integrated ocean heat (TCHP) is much more effective than sea surface temperatures. It's not as simple as the Weather Channel makes it out to be.

Well then, Dr. Gray is in the minority, 95% of the scientific community disagrees with him. In the past 1 ppm (part per million) change in carbon dioxide content over the course of a 100 years was enough to end an ice age. We're up to 2 ppm. It's going up there, it's ours, and it's going to do SOMETHING.

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