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KETK mobile app gets a new look


POSTED: Friday, June 21, 2013 - 5:48pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 21, 2013 - 6:42pm

The KETK app update is easy to install and comes with all new features.

From a new home page to easier video viewing the app has been rebuilt with you in mind.

Manager of Online Multimedia, Andrew Newland, redeveloped the app to be easy, accessible, and fast.

"We've got our weather,our news, our contact, our contests," Newland said. "We've got everything right there in one app, it's just simpler and easier. And the whole app runs about 90 percent faster."

The weather page was updated so you can have the latest forecast at your fingertips.... no matter where you are.

"Our weather encompasses the whole nation, not just East Texas."

Stories and videos are instantaneously sent to your app, so you get the news you want... when you want it.

"Content is updated twenty-four hours a day," said Reagan Roy, KETK Internet Content Coordinator. "We've got news coming through all day long so whether it's national, local, or state-wide stories, the content is constantly being updated."

And now when you have a news story or a picture you want to share with us here at KETK you can click on the 'iReport' link and record video, take a picture, send an email or even call our newsroom directly.

"So when you pull up the app the first thing you're going to see is our home page," said Newland. "All you have to do is hit the navigation, scroll down towards the bottom and you'll see 'iReport' and that'll take you directly to where you can take a photo, take a video and send that directly to us."

Viewing videos is easier than ever..... just click on the story.... scroll the picture to the left.... and click play.

In five quick bullets... the app is.....

"Cleaner... faster... more content...better content.. and significance on media-like images and videos," said Newland.

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