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KETK speaks with sister of alleged Tyler sexual predator

Monday, July 16, 2012 - 10:18pm

On Friday, Tyler Police got a call that a 9-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted at Shiloh Pines.

When they got to the mobile home park, they discovered the situation was even worse than that.

"We determined that there was more than actually one victim...there were close to 5, 6 7 that we know of at this point in time," said Don Martin with Tyler Police.

They took 21-year-old Thomas Brookbank ,or "Tom" as he's called, into custody that night.

Neighbors we spoke with knew about his juvenille past in of them believed he had originally gotten in trouble for trying to kill animals...and was later caught engaging in sexual activity with other kids.

At age 18, that's when he moved to East live with his grandparents.

And sources say he's been taking his young victims to a little wooded area near the drainage pipe...and molesting them.

Even his half sister Jeanne Morrison who also lives at Shiloh Pines...stayed away from him.

"He never took me for a walk...I always was walking and he always was following me," Morrison said.

Until he was arrested last Friday, she never knew the extent of his problems...but knew he had issues.

"There's been times when he's shown people his butt...his bare butt...thinking it was perfectly fine...knowing there was a police officer living next door to us and has 2 kids," Morrison said.

And Morrison tells KETK she doesn't believe her brother was mentally ill...he knew exactly what he was doing...and he should be held accountable.

"I hope he does get a conviction...and I hope he does a long time serving...because if he gets out, I know he'll do it again," Morrison said.

Brookbank is currently in the Smith County jail with a $750,000 bond.

The case is still being investigated...

So Tyler Police say if anyone has any more information about this...give them a call.

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