KETK wins Fresh 15 Grocery Grab!


POSTED: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 6:34pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 7:52pm

The annual Fresh 15 run is coming up March 1st and to get the public and the Fresh team excited for the race, they invited KETK and the other local news stations to compete in a grocery run. It's also to raise money for their race.

All the proceeds raised from the race and the grocery run will go towards Bethesda Health Clinic and the American Heart Association.

"All the money that we raise for the race this year will funnel right back into Tyler," said Director for the American Heart Association Brandi Russell.  

Fox 51's Rachel Hackbarth and I competed against other local stations in the grocery run.

"No exaggeration this is the best day ever! No I was really excited I got really competitive in this more so than I thought I would," said Hackbarth.

We had one minute to collect as many groceries as we could. All the items were scanned and the total amount from all three teams were donated to the two organizations.

"We wanted to pick a national charity which is the American Heart Association and a local charity the Bethesda Health Clinic and the idea was to get these organizations that really think about health and wellness and that's their purpose," said Brookshire's media relations Rebecca Sanders.

KETK raised the most with our total coming out to $680. And we got to bring back a nice trophy from our run.

It was a successful first grocery run and Fresh tells KETK they will continue to do it every year a couple days before the race.

"We featured local celebrities from the news media from the three different TV stations as well as the newspaper and the idea was to create some excitement for the Fresh 15 coming up," said Sanders.

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